The North Dakota Trapshooting Association Hall of Honor is located at the Capital City Gun Club in Bismarck.

Designation to the North Dakota Trapshooting Association Hall of Honor exemplifies the trapshooter in the finest of spirits & character. Irreversibly committed to the sport, the recipient of this award inherently extends courtesy to companion to competitor, uplifts the dignity of each participant & enthusiastically represents, wherever the opportunity, trapshooting as a rewarding form of recreation. The individual receiving this honor has already achieved recognition as a skilled trapshooter through the testing of competitive events. The Hall of Honor reflects more than excellence in breaking targets; it stands as a lasting tribute presented by the fellowship of trapshooters for the greater contribution of dedicated service to the sport.

1980Dr. B.A. Girard
1981Eldon Fliginger
Frank Shablow
George Wolf
H.L. Reichert, M.D.
James McGregor
John Bergman
1982Louis Larson
1983Dorothy Loos
Roy Holm
1985C.W. “Chet” Beasley
1986Adolph Herring
LeRoy Herring
1988Clarence Lingor
George Jennings
1989Al Lundgren
Evan Trihub
J. Bruce Kent
1991Dr. Duane Clement
Russ Overbye
1992B.J. “Hi” Kerley
1994Norman Fuchs
1999Robert C. Koch, M.D.
2001Jim Schumacher
William P. Pearson
2002Mervin Stork
2004C.H. “Bud” Van Eckhout
2008Norris Olson
Richard Johnsen
2009Pat Lamont
Rob Lamont
2010Mary Polkinghorne
2012Dennis Bratlien
2016Stan Petz
2021Delvin S. Zahn
Truman M. Nelson
2022Jerel “Jerry” Gulke